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Creative Art: I think it is the best tool to express our mind to others. Best communication could be established through this media. I prefer to choose any thing available as my tools to express the ideas and feelings; through graphics, paintings, Modeling,  photography, stage craft, and so on......

Social Work: I think it is a necessity as long as you are sensitive to the happenings around you. We have to be a volunteer to extent support; or initiate a social work for a cause of common goal.

We have to admit that somebody; somewhere in distress and longing for a helping hand. If I am not be able to reach them, any of my best friends will reach them with compassion and I am sure tomorrow they will be another extension our helping hand.


Attitude: Positive thinking and cultivation of it is my choice. We may not be perfect today but we could reach perfection tomorrow by analyzing the shortcomings. There is a best solution always waiting for us, if we look for it.
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Activities and views: ......Acted in plays and organized variety entertainment programs of our own team and professional groups with the support of dedicated members. Interest of on-stage was turned to off-stage activities like make up, costume, stage settings, slogans, introductory notes, poster design, publicity campaign, etc. Enjoyed the company of artists and experimented various tools of art. ...............................  <<<and more >>>

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