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I am Daniels (Daniel Sebastian), a humble human being, born in one corner of this planet, named \India\Kerala to a Christian Family.  Reached  New  Delhi  in  1975  for  education  and stationed there after. Traveled Europe, Africa and Arabian Gulf on job assignments.

Currently  at  Delhi  Returned  from  Saudi Arabia,  Assignment  Computer Graphics  Design.  (View  virtual 3D  Click Here, you may navigate by controlling mouse on the object window)

This  site  is  my  humble  attempt  to interact  with my fellow beings across the cyberspace  (thanks to cyber net  and  the people behind this marvel of information  technology)  and  to cultivate  positive  attitude  towards  our  life  in  this  planet.


I think the time has come to think Global and  to  realize  that we are not isolated at distant corners. and to live a life beyond our inhibitions, beyond our beliefs, beyond our reservations, to understand and share life experience in different social environment.

Dedicating this site to all my friends who are working hard  to propagate Harmony of Life,  The Beauty of Universal Love and putting their effort in word and deed for Peace on Earth. 


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