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     Sketch  of  life  in  the  surface  of  Globe

spreads between two breaths; the first at birth and second  at death. One has to admit the two realities of Life.  Everyone  is blessed with choice of deciding the shape of the sketch, good or  bad.  One  has  to  decide,  how  is  the  sketch  going  to  be portrayed. Influence of our  surrounding  environment  going to play a major role in that;  we  have  to  bear  with  that.  We may call that as experience and which is going shape our life sketch.


Sketch  is  the  first  step  of  Creation;  Designs  of  Art  and Engineering initiated through few scratches or lines  of  fusion  transformed life from the primitive stone age to the modern era of high tech gadgets and space travel.

Sketch is the window to mind and imagination. Sketch shows what is future.  Sketch communicates  beyond  the  language barrier;  beyond  the culture  and  social beliefs.

Sketch is the tool of creative mind to visualize ideas and solutions for tomorrow.

Let us make sketches through our life; whatever humble way to make our world of Harmony, Peace and Co-existence. 


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